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Planned For God's Pleasure

Planned For God's Purpose

Planned For God's


Day 8

What Makes God Smile

What Makes God Smile

What Makes God Smile

Day 9

To Send PDF Review for Grading Instructions

1.PDF Form can be filled out and printed or sent to CEM for review and grading.

2. To send PDF Form fill out form and right click to save form. To send form to CEM, reopen saved form and fill in answers again then click on icon in upper right hand corner with that says save as. Save form again so you can find it easily. Now you can click on the send button and attached the file to the email supplied. 

For further questions please send email to

Heart Of Worship

Saying "Yes" To God

Saying 'Yes" To God

Day 10

Becoming Best Friends With God

How To Connect With 

How To Connect With God

Day 11

Developing Friendship With God

Following God's Directions

Following god's Directions

Day 12

Worship The Pleases God

How To Tell You Love Him

How To Tell You Love Him

Day 13

When God Seems Distant

Connecting With God In A Crisis

Connecting With God In  A Crisis

Day 14

Submit This Form Upon Completion Of Day 8 Thru 14

Congrats On Your Day 8 thru 14

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