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Formed For God's Family

You Were Formed For God's Family

You Were Formed For God's Family

Day 15

What Matters Most

What Matter's Most

What Matters Most

Day 16

A Place To Belong

Members Of God's Family

We Are Members Of God's Family

Day 17

To Send PDF Review for Grading Instructions

1.PDF Form can be filled out and printed or sent to CEM for review and grading.

2. To send PDF Form fill out form and right click to save form. To send form to CEM, reopen saved form and fill in answers again then click on icon in upper right hand corner with that says save as. Save form again so you can find it easily. Now you can click on the send button and attached the file to the email supplied. 

For further questions please send email to

Experiencing Life Together

You've Got To Get Connected

You've Got To Get Connected

Day 18

Cultivating Community

Why We Need Each Other

Why We Need Each Other

Day 19

Restoring Broken Fellowship

Key To Restoring A Relationship

The Key To Restoring A Relationship

Day 20

Protecting Your Church

Living By Your Convictions

Living By Your Convictions

Day 21

Submit This Form Upon Completion Of Day 15 Thru 21

Congrats On Your Day 15 thru 21

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